How to Raise Rents | HTH 29

How to Raise Rents | HTH 29


As the real estate portfolio manager, it is your job to maximize profits within your portfolio.  The 2 ways to do this are to decrease expenses and increase rents.  Today Matt and Matt are tackling one of these solutions by answering a question that is on many landlords’ minds: How can I raise rents? 



What You’ll Learn:

  • The reason you may want to increase rents in your portfolio.
  • The importance of knowing market rents; and
  • How to determine what they are.
  • The online tool that both Matt’s use to ballpark their rent prices.
  • What your responsibility as a portfolio manager is.
  • How much notice you should provide your current tenants.
  • What to say to those tenants to keep the peace.
  • The difference between a nuisance raise and a move out raise.
  • When the best times to raise rents are.
  • How Matt T. looks at the performance of his own portfolio.



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