Lifestyle Changes for Buy and Hold Investors | HTH 25


It can be challenging for an investor to pass up the opportunity of a large payday from a wholesale deal or fix and flip and instead hold a house that makes a couple hundred dollars a  month.  It’s not sexy.  There are no HGTV shows about it.  But when you multiply that $200/month rental property times a few, it starts to get really exciting!  Today Matt and Matt discuss the lifestyle changes for buy and hold investors and leave you with a little bit of tough love.  Enjoy!


What You’ll Learn:

  • What makes wholesaling and fix and flipping so appealing to people.
  • Why it’s so easy for real estate investing to become a high paying job.
  • The reason Matt T. believes more people don’t hold houses.
  • How Matt escaped the rat race.
  • The difference between delayed gratification and deferred living.
  • Why you cannot save yourself to wealth.
  • The reason Matt T. doesn’t plan to give up Starbucks.
  • The simple (but painful) reason why you don’t have what you say you want.
  • The 2 ways that you can get rich.
  • Why you should consider what your perfect day looks like.



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