Your ROI and Minimum Deal Standards | HTH 17


The return you make on your rental property includes things like that cash-on-cash return plus appreciation and tax benefits.  So what makes a good return? Today Matt and Matt answer the question: Is this a good deal? Enjoy!



What You’ll Learn:

  • What a return on investment is; and
  • How it is calculated.
  • What cash-on-cash return means.
  • The different ways that a property can increase its return.
  • How appreciation and taxes affect your rental property.
  • What makes a good ROI.
  • Why you should consider the rate of inflation when determining a good ROI.
  • What Matt Theriault’s minimum cash-on-cash return is.
  • What an infinite return is.
  • How leverage and scalability affect your investments.
  • What Matt Andrew’s minimum cap rate is.
  • How to accelerate your journey to financial freedom.
  • How to virtually eliminate your risk when it comes to real estate investing.



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