How to Find Funding for Your Income Property | HTH 15


One of the most common questions that we get around here is where can I find the money for my rental properties? Today Matt Andrews and Matt Theriault discuss the different sources of funding, and explain the situations where those different sources work the best.

As you listen to this episode, keep in mind that your ability to finance properties is only limited by your own creativity. In fact, Matt Theriault owns over 200 rental units and has yet to use a dime of his own money acquiring them!  So grab a pen and paper and prepare to be motivated!



What You’ll Learn:

  • Why conventional lending is not highly investor friendly.
  • What a portfolio or blanket loan is; and
  • The benefit of such a tool.
  • What hard money or transactional funding is; and
  • The 3 scenarios where this type of money is ideal.
  • What a private lender or money partner is.
  • How to entice someone with money to be a private lender to you.
  • Which comes first: the deal or the funding.
  • How you can use existing financing as a source of funding for your deals.
  • The acquisition program that Matt and Matt are working on.



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